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January 1, 2014

Effective PR: A Business New Year's Resolution


It’s a time honored tradition to begin hitting the gym at the beginning of a new year in order to honor one of our many New Year’s resolutions.  The desire to improve one’s appearance and well-being is a strong motivator for many to invest in trial gym memberships and dietary changes. It wouldn’t hurt for more entrepreneurs and senior managers to also reassess the image and health of their businesses.

First impressions are extremely important. Whether it’s a job interview or sales pitch to a new client, appearance and perception are oftentimes as vital to success as substance. What we project to the world  determines how others treat us. This becomes even more apparent in the business world, where multiple factors determine companies’ reputations and consequently their success.

In the two years that the staff at Kennedy Blue has been working with individuals, businesses, and organizations from around the world, we can testify to the benefits of clear and coherent communication. Whether it be a widely distributed press release or website layout, anything carrying you or your company transmits invaluable information to the recipient. The costs of error and poor execution often times far exceed the initial expenses, and can have the unintended effect of hurting your business’ reputation. The complete absence of a presence can also prove just as disastrous.

We urge you all to consider what message you are communicating with anything that bears your name or that you are associated with. Does it fit the goals you had in mind? Is it helping you reach this goal?

Everyone here at Kennedy Blue is looking forward to what 2014 has in store, and we look forward to strengthening relationships with the many great individuals and organizations we have had the pleasure to meet and work with over the last two years. We will also continue to get out in the community and help others reach their communication goals.

Let’s all make 2014 the best year yet by continuing to improve in all aspects. Happy New Year!