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February 2, 2017



Daeshawn Ballard, Marketing Director, Imagine Careers

Daeshawn Ballard, Marketing Director, Imagine Careers (Image courtesy of Imagine Careers)

“Hi, my name is Daeshawn Ballard and I am the Marketing Director at Imagine Careers. We are a technology start-up based in Pittsburgh, PA aiming to disrupt the way that job seekers and companies discover each other, so we built Imaginecareers.com.
Communications is important to me because it raises the most important question any professional should ask themselves: ‘Did they understand it?'”
– Daeshawn Ballard, Marketing Director, Imagine Careers

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LinkedIn: Daeshawn Ballard

1. As a marketing and communications professional in the employment sector, how do you find creative ways using labor statistics to promote the companies on your platforms?

I believe our company discovery platform itself is the single most creative way we’ve leveraged labor statistics to promote companies. We give companies a new way to attract the best fitting talent with the least number of barriers.

Also, we just released “The 2017 Pittsburgh Talent Pulse Report”, so employers in the region can uncover potential issues within their company culture to better attract and retain talent in 2017. Ultimately we want to help create an even greater regional culture that attracts and keeps people in the Pittsburgh area.

The report a joint effort of the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association; the largest human resources management association in western Pennsylvania and ourselves here at Imagine Careers. This report is free and if you or any of your readers are interested you can go to http://pghtalentpulse.imaginecareers.com/ to download your free copy.

2. How does Imagine Careers work with the startup community?

Great question. Being a startup ourselves, we’ve always loved to collaborate and shine a light on other startups doing amazing things. Initially, our platform was 100% startups only.

Now having startups discoverable alongside massive corporations in 12 U.S. cities, we have people who’ve never thought to work for startups discovering these amazing companies in their own backyard. When people see that they offer work from home or ambitious missions to be a part of it’s really hard for them to not get excited and reach out directly.

3. Where would you like to see communications go in the near future?

In the near future, I would love to see communications continue to push past the uncomfortable. I think there’s a healthy amount of political conversation in the country right now, but I would like to see more kids speaking to their parents about the direction of their life, people being honest with what they want out of their careers and making a change. I think that would eliminate a lot of unhappiness out there.

4. Imagine Careers recently released a new app. Do you think more organizations will turn to apps as a platform to leverage their external communications strategies?

I’m sure there will be. My hope is that they’re doing it because they recognize it’s a natural extension of their brand because if not they will waste valuable resources they could have deployed elsewhere.

When we created one of the first HR Bots, it wasn’t because we wanted to or thought it was cool. It was a natural extension for us that happened to be mobile based. Also, the people we wanted to communicate with were waiting and expecting someone to create it, it made sense for that someone to be us.

5. How are youth integral to your organization?

The youth are future students, workforce members and if we earn it, our future users. We volunteer our time with the Will Allen Foundation because we believe in the youth and we want to see them succeed. We’ve taught professional workshops at various colleges such as resume creation, how to network, etc.

We created our University Partnership Program to help them discover where they want to end up and what skills they will need to get there, by utilizing their school’s employer network in our platform. This program is very much a pillar of our company and with that, so are they.