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January 31, 2017


Emmai Alaquiva, Executive Director, Hip-Hop On L.O.C.K.

Emmai Alaquiva, Executive Director, Hip-Hop On L.O.C.K. (Image courtesy of Matt Metrovich)


“My name is Emmai Alaquiva. I am an Emmy-award winner, mentor, director, entrepreneur, father, and husband.  I am the CEO and President of Ya Momz House, Inc. an award winning multimedia company.  I am also the Founder and Executive Director of Hip-Hop on L.O.C.K., an award-winning arts education and mentoring program that employs hip-hop as a tool to teach and empower youth K-12 through leadership.  In the many roles that I serve within my organizations and community, communication is the the most important tool I can use.  Communicating well means that we give people the opportunity to express their thoughts effectively, and in order to collaborate and create inclusive environments, listening to each other is imperative.  When we communicate well with others, we have the power to shape the conversations that will change the world.” – Emmai Alaquiva, Executive Director, Hip-Hop On L.O.C.K.


After reading the interview, contact Emmai and Hip-Hop On L.O.C.K. here:

Facebook: Emmai Alaquiva; Hip-Hop On L.O.C.K., Ya Momz House, Inc.
Twitter: @Emmai_Alaquiva, @HipHopOnLOCK, @YaMomzHouseLLC
Instagram: Emmai_Alaquiva; YaMomzHouse


1. What is hip-hop’s role as a platform to communicate?

The role that hip-hop has on communication is to serve as an artistic and diverse vehicle to distribute cultural information without prejudice.

2. Hip-Hop On L.O.C.K. (HHOL) has consistently implemented different communications platforms for its youth participants (L.O.C.K.Down Radio and Waffle Wopp). Is Hip-Hop On L.O.C.K. planning another platform?

In addition to radio and television, HHOL will begin its development of “:DOC On LOCK” which is an arts education and mentoring program that employs film production as a tool to educate and empower youth.

3. Separate from your role at HHOL you and your company, Ya Momz House, Inc., have amassed an impressive video and film portfolio. How did you get into film and video production?

Ya Momz House, Inc. got into film production due to the explosion of social media. We realized that if a photo speaks a thousand words—-a video can speak a million of them.

4. Where do you see communications trends going in the future?

The future of communications will actually “moonwalk” back to the power of relationship building. Every great (business) relationship starts out with a conversation with a stranger and not always technical writing compositions. Qualitative measurement of a great relationships will be based on 3 P’s (P)erson, (P)rocess and (P)roduct.

5. How are youth integral to your organization?

Youth are imperative to any youth-focused organization and serve as the prerequisite of both adversity and success. The transparency of our youth teach us just as much as we teach them. The reflection is real.