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May 29, 2013

Hot Off the Press: Jeremiah Pope, Owner, J Pope Consulting


Jeremiah Pope is the founder and president of the Washington, D.C. based political consulting firm J. Pope Consulting

My background is in political and non-profit fundraising. I am the founder of J Pope Consulting, LLC, a boutique political and fundraising consulting firm. I received my M.A. in Public Policy from New England College and B.A. in Political Science from the College of Charleston.


1. How did you get started in consulting? What attracted you to this field?

I got started in consulting work because I wanted to work for myself. After working for a number of companies I learned from what they was doing and went on my own. What attracted me to the profession of consulting clients is the flexible work schedule, the ability to pick projects of my choosing and being able to work with diverse groups/organizations.

2. Independent consulting seems to be an “it” job, with growing popularity. Where do you see it going in the future?

I believe it is going to continue to grow because as people continue to realize that the traditional 9 to 5 is disappearing and companies rather pay outside contractors it is going to force people to adapt. The American economy is set up for the advancement of small business owners and independent consultants provide a personalized niche that big companies can’t offer.

3. What is the most valuable skill a person needs to be successful in consulting?

The skills all depends on what service they are providing. I believe that a person must be very knowledgeable on what services they are providing.

4. What is the key to being a successful political fundraiser?

The key to being a political fundraiser is having good communication skills, being a hard worker and being able to work well with different people. Most importantly being able to find the Money.

5. What has been your greatest career achievement thus far? 

My greatest career achievement thus far is being able to say that I was apart of electing the first African American woman Member of Congress from the State of Maryland.