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August 11, 2014

Relationships are Key (especially in PR)

Arnold and Gerald of "Hey Arnold." Image courtesy of Nickelodeon Studios.

Arnold and Gerald of “Hey Arnold.” Image courtesy of Nickelodeon Studios.

Startups and investors, you shouldn’t be paying for TC articles, or any press coverage for that matter, you should be paying for the help with your message and communications, which, if you have a good and/or compelling product, might result in more coverage. And while a (legit) PR team can be useful in many cases, a direct and fair relationship with our writers is always the best way to get on TechCrunch. – Alexia Tsotsis, Tech Crunch

Relationships are key.  In every interaction- professional and personal- relationships are at the epicenter of every solid success story. However, in public relations, relationships are fundamental (our industry is called public relations for a reason). We at Kennedy Blue Communications offer our clients media placement, which comes from our relationships with media outlets. These are professional relationships and we help our clients take their news and craft it in a way that is compelling and newsworthy to media outlets and their readers and viewers.