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November 19, 2014

Shadyside Artisan Releases Men’s Jewelry Line


Photo: Bracelets from the Gardell for Men collection. From left to right: Labradorite and onyx,  turquoise and tiger’s eye, tiger’s eye and onyx, and turquoise and onyx.
Photo credit: Kennedy Blue Communications

November 19, 2014

PITTSBURGH- When Graciana Fennell left medicine, and opened her Shadyside jewelry boutique, she had no intention of designing pieces for men.  Her designs, all hand crafted with precious gems, were intended for women with an appreciation for precious stones and gems. However, now men, who have been asking Fennell for pieces designed specifically for men, can purchase jewelry from her new jewelry line, Gardell for Men.

Gardell for Men was created this holiday season and will be a permanent line.

“Men would come in and see some of the pieces designed for their wives and girlfriends and asked if we had a men’s line,” said Fennell, who has owned Gardell by Graciana on Walnut Street for nine years.

“The turning point came when women started ordering customized pieces for the men in their lives. The demand became so high that my staff and I thought it was best to develop a new line specifically for men,” Fennell continued.

Similar to Gardell by Graciana, Fennell’s signature women’s line that features one of kind pieces—like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings— Gardell for Men is designed using precious and rare stones and gems.

Gold, diamond, onyx, and crystals are commonly used in both the women and men’s line. The stones used typically have an underlying meaning. In particular, in the men’s collection Tiger’s Eye is a common stone used in jewelry designs. It has a positive spiritual and material meaning.

“Tiger’s eye is a popular stone.  Not only is it very beautiful and masculine, it also brings good fortune!” Fennell said.

The men’s line opened with 40 customized pieces, including bracelets and necklaces. The pieces in Gardell for Men are designed exclusively by Fennell. Customers can buy pieces in the store or customize a specific design. The craftsmanship of the jewelry and the ability for customers to customize pieces is great for self-expression, Fennell said.

Fennell admits she does consider suggestions from customers when designing new pieces, because that is how the line started.

“This line was really started by the requests of my customers and my family,” Fennell said, revealing that her eldest son requested she design a bracelet for him.

Fennell, a doctor, left medicine to follow her passion in jewelry design. Her interest in jewelry design was ignited when she briefly lived in Milan, one of the fashion epicenters of the world.

She was drawn to the transformative nature of jewelry making. Fennell began designing pieces for friends and family members. Eventually the popularity of her pieces grew through a strong word-of-mouth campaign so much so that she decided to dedicate her life to the craft and open a retail boutique.

The popularity of customized pieces using rare stones are growing in popularity, evidenced by the recently released “smart” bracelet by Intel which uses Tiger’s Eye in its design.

Pieces in Gardell for Men range in price. Interested customers are strongly encouraged to visit the shop or make an appointment to design pieces.

Gardell for Men
5413 A Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 682-2120