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July 19, 2014

The Case for the Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

The big reveal is a narrative technique in which readers are finally made aware of a hidden fact. Revelations also happen in communications– in fact, they happen all the time. Typically, in public relations we reveal information through media outlets. These revelations are on behalf of our clients and serve to bring them closer to their target audiences.

Recently, there have been disclosures from Yanni, who recently introduced the world to his daughter, to the anticipated revelation from Hillary Clinton on whether she will announce her candidacy to run for president of the United States of America.

The crucial variables with any revelation is the timing and the audience. Sometimes, revealing information too soon or too late can be devastating, as well as revealing information to a population that is not receptive to the revelation can be damaging to a person or organization’s credibility or status. Disseminating information takes time for the sender to analyze the message and anticipate the reception of the receiver. Revealing the wrong information can damage relationships, but revealing the right information can enhance and repair broken ones.

However, revelations are needed because it opens up for transparent and honest dialogue and brings organizations, individuals, and companies together with their publics.